AFTER PLAYING FOR AROUND 2 MONTHS THIS IS THE BEST STRAT THAT I CAME UP WITH FEEL FREE TO GIVE SOME POINTERS ON HOW TO IMPROVE THIS I GOT AROUND 18M SECONDS Starting Settings Hero: Cthulhu Map: Blood moor Element: Light Mode: any Rounds: 500 REQUIRED TOWERS: IDUN, SNORE FOX (+5 rabbits), GANESHA, BEACON, YYGDRASIL BONUS TOWER: MANITOU, UNICORN, VELEDA, DARK FORGE, HEL OR KHAS (who u got first) BEST CARRY'S ITEMS PRIORITY RANKINGS 1. Helm of Hades (swap with chainsaw when vir in 1tile range) 2. Seelenreisser 3. Hydra Arrow 4. Spectral Set 5. Plasma-GT1 Set 6. Blade of Darkness 7. Excalibur BONUS ITEMS(dont transmute): Viking Horn, Goblin Door, Rings, Fat armor, MAP TILES GROUPINGS (1)= 3 tiles near start (2)= 8 tiles in the middle (3)= 3 tiles that looks like an L (4)= 3 tiles near end Carry= tile with the 2 mushrooms at (2) ROUND 1-15: 1. Place an ADVENTURER at the tile with a two mushrooms at (2) 2. Place 3 GARGOYLES at (4) and 3 GUARDS at (3) 3. Fill (2) and (1) with ADVENTURERS 4. Equip your first ADVENTURER with damage and Exp 5. Auto transmute all white pots and blue pots except WATER OF LIFE, and feed it all To your carry ROUND 16-50: 1. Auto transmute all light towers except (1 tinkerer, BEACON, UNICORN, GUARD, HOLOGRAM) 2. Replace all ADVENTURER with GUARDS (start with CARRY) 3. Replace all Gargoyles with holograms 4. Equip the guards at (3) with exp 5. Place TINKERER at the bottom leftmost tile (equip with 1 ring if u have it) 6. Kill horseman and get nature pot and feed it to TINKERER ROUND 51-150 1. Auto transmute all white to yellow items except MAGIC MUSHROOMS, WITHERED SET, BLUE BOOTS,LUCKY PANTS, FROZEN BOOK, NORL GUARDIAN, VIKING HELMET, WOLFSKIN, KEY, ELDRITCH ITEMS 2. Replace all GUARD at (2) with wolves and equip all towers at (1)(3)(4) with WOLFSKIN 3. Place a VELEDA at the left of (1) and a MANITOU on the right and Khasperhexe/Hel in the middle (if u have it) 4. Place YYGDRASIL above the CARRY and equip YYGDRASIL with VIKING HELM, VIKING HORN, FAT ARMOR, IF U HAVE THEM 5. Kill horseman and feed metropolis, Darkness pots to TINKERER 6. Place 1 darkness, 1 metropolis, 1 light , tower around the CARRY and equip them with the branches (also equip your carry with nature branch) 6.5. IF YOU HAVE RINGS MARRY CARRY AND TINKERER AND FEED TINKERER ALL OF THE WATER OF LIFE ROUND 151-500: 1. Transmute all white to yellow towers Except: 8 RABBITS, 7 MISS JILLY, 7 WIZARD, 10 GUARD,10 HOLOGRAM, 1 FROG, 1 HOLGAR, 4 PUB 2. Transmute all purple - orange towers except: UNICORN, YGGDRASIDL, BEACON, SNOREFOX, VELEDA, DARKFORGE, IDUN, HEL OR KHAS, MANITOU, 3. Transmute all items except: MAGIC MUSHROOMS, LUCKY PANTS, WITHERED SET, NORL GUARDIAN, VIKING HELM, 4. Transmute all purple pots except: MULTICRIT, UNICORN TEARS, VITAL, SOUL FLASK 5. Feed all WATER OF LIFE to TINKERER with ring 6. Feed ALL STAT POTS INCLUDING MULTICRIT AND VITALS to YYGDRASIL 7. Equip DUNGEON DOOR and LUCKY PANTS to VELEDA 8. Place DARKFORGE at bottom of (3) at the range of tinkerer 9. Place IDUN above TINKERER 10. PLACE GANESHA Beside YYGDRASIL and IDU BONUS ROUND: PAUSE!!! PAUSE!!! 1. Transmute TOILET PAPER 2. Replace CARRY with HOLGAR 3. Equip IDUN with helm of hades 4. Replace the level 99 holograms at (4) with rabbits and marry 2 of them then feed it unicorn tears then feed it soul flask 5. Place GUARDs at the (4) 6. Equip GANESHA WITH HELM OF HADES RESUME GAME TILL GANESHA GET LEVEL CAPPED PAUSED! 7. Replace GANESHA with BEACON, 8. Feed all leachfetur to TINKERER 9. TRANSMUTE ALL MEADS TO BETTER POTS THEN FEED IT ALL TO YYGDRASIL 10. At 2500secs auto transmute all water of life and rings And begin equipping VELEDA with BOSS ENCHANTMENT propecy END OF TIME: 1. Transmute DUNGEON DOOR 2. Transmute all useless stuffs 3. REPLACE CARRY WITH SNOREFOX 4. REPLACE ALL TOWER AROUND 1 TILE CARRY TO RABBITS AND ACTIVATE SNOREFOX SKILL TILL U ATE ALL THE RABBIT AROUND SNOREFOX 5. REPLACE SNOREFOX WITH FROG 6. EQUIP YOUR CARRY WITH THE ITEM ABOVE WITH KHASPERHEXE: 7. REPLACE VELEDA AND FORGE WITH WIZARD EQUIP THEM WITH WITHERED SET AND ATTACK SPEED 8. REPLACE THE GUARDS NEAR FORGE WITH PUBS 9. REPLACE ALL GUARDS AT (4) WITH WIZARDS AND EQUIP THEM WITH 2MUSHROOMS AND 3 LUCKY PANTS 10. PLACE 3WIZARD AROUND YOUR TINKERER RANGE THEN EQUIP THEM WITH 5 BLUE BOOTS 11. PLACE 2 PUBS BESIDE YOUR CARRY WITH HEL : REPLACE WIZARD WITH JOLLY AND PUBS THEN SEE YOUR BONUS SECONDS AROUND 3M+ I GOT 18M AT MY BEST RUN

What blue boots?

Seven leagues something

And how do you get more than 1 withered set? One of the pieces is unique šŸŸ£

Set has a 2-item and a 3-item set bonus, I imagine the second wizard just uses the 2-set bonus. Thanks for the guide, haven't got most of the legendaries yet, but the general idea works well even without Idun and some of the items in terms of getting to high waves. I do have to put down Ganesha earlier than written here to scale a bit faster though, and it sucks when you're unlucky with the wolf skin cloak drops. EDIT: Just had a bit more luck. Went from rank 69 to 100+ in one game. First time I saw what you meant with End of Time - was a bit late to take action. Still got over 1M seconds on the run despite being slow :p Thanks for the guide, it helped so much!

Big Thanks for the guide! Did it several times and got pretty far! Does anyone know how to optain spectral dagger set and SeelenreiƟer?

You can manually forge it for 400 relics or just try your luck at the forge

The matter regarding the withered set: just equip one of the wizard with the 3 set items and the other with 2 set items then just re equip the other wizard the mummy bandage when vir is in range

Ty! I am pretty new into the game, there so much things to learn and explore :)

Adapting the strategy to Twisted Paths with Yig (because no good splash zones) has gotten good results so far as well. Still refining and waiting for a good roll on vital potions, but here's a replay of my current record. https://mazebert.com/g/662aa5d9-04f4-42c2-8f7c-2d1386fb9dd8-50193/