Question about Mr.iron

Pls tell me how to build Mr.iron.sr my english so bad. I can't understand how to use Iron. And how to get seelenraiser? I use 20 relic to open bag 50 times. But can't found this item . tks all you guy :D

1. About Mr Iron. You need 3600 gold to build this tower. He can consume white, blue and yellow items (can't do this with Set items, Unique items or Legendary items). Tap on Mr Iron and then tap on the top button, he'll consume all items that he's equipping. Higher attack speed = faster consume time Tap on the gear button 2. Seelenreisser? You'll need some luck to get it that way. There's another way: Beat the golden ground map and then spend 400 relics to craft it (go to Main menu > My wizard > My Cards > Items, go to Seelenreisser and then tap on Craft button, 100% chance to get it)

Tks u for ur helpful support. xD