Additional set item for 1.1

just a thought.. how about a new set item for 1.1 Andy?? XD

Good idea! Do you have anything specific in mind?

Something to manipulate Armor except the dried Cactus would be nice. Im going to think for a concept, if u dont mind.

Spectral Dagger (yellow) +10%crit.chance +5%crit.dmg per attack on a target (max.1500 crit.damage) -20%dmg Cape of the Specter (unique) 8% of damage dealt becomes true damage (cannot be reduced by target's armor) Spectral Knickers (common) 2% attack speed per tower level -10%dmg to female towers Set effect: 2sets: each attack deals additional 5% crit.dmg (max 1000%) Full set: Each attack builds up 1% armor penetration. The bearer has a 2% chance to ignite the stack to deal additional damage base on the current stack (does not reset the stack count) **having the Full set will negate the effect of the 2 set effect. So you have the option of using 2 or 3 set items. ***item attributes can be subjected to balancing if warranted.

Great idea, icen! I like that the set items are useful on their own, as well. Set effect is a bit too complicated in my opinion (Will be hard to display on on the card). Maybe this could be simplified a little. Any more opinions on this set? PS: Moved the thread to card ideas.

I was thinking of a cool way to change the set effect and here is what i came up with. Spectral Dagger (yellow) +15%crit.chance +5%crit.dmg per attack(max.1500 crit.damage. stack is lost upon changing target) -20%dmg Cape of the Specter (unique) 10% of damage dealt becomes true damage (cannot be reduced by target’s armor) Spectral Knickers (uncommon) 2% attack speed per tower level -10%dmg to female towers Set Effect after wearing the set for 240seconds the tower bearing this set gains an ability to summon a Spectral Sigil that travels along the path from the castle to the spawning site until it collides with a land unit. Upon colliding the Sigil Burst and stuns all creeps in 3 range for 3 seconds. The Sigil leaves behind Spectral energy along the path it traveled that will slow any land unit by 30% for 12seconds. Air units are not affected by the path but will be slowed by 20% while the Sigil is traveling and will be affected by the stun if it is within the blast range. Cooldown 180seconds. This ability will be lost if any of the item is dismantled. ***i think this is simplier. The description is just a little long as I am just explaining the mechanics of this set effect. I think it can be simplified to fit the card. hahaha.. i think this is more unique than the first. Can be rebalanced if warranred.

I really like the set Items, but the critdmg stack seems a bit high or the backside (-20%dmg) seems a bit low on spectral dagger. I think Spectral Knickers are to strong for uncommon and we have mushroom and last train of the day there. Make it rare, give 3% per level and add a backside for male towers. The new set-Effekt seems a bit to complicatet and special at many point. Make it: 2 Set-Bonus: 5% chance to start a Sigil which travels the way, explodes on first groundtarget, dealing towerdmg+20% slow in 1 range for every unit hit for 3 seconds. 3 Set-Bonus: add a 1 second stun to Sigil This way it deals dmg and is an option on carry but also usefull on ather towers

5% chance is way too high Vasuhn especially if its towers with low attack cooldowns like shadow, jellies,spiders etc. You could like trigger it spontaneously (impatience plus lucky pants plus an insane amount of attackspeed boost from towers like mr.iron). You could only imagine creeps getting bombarded by sigils. LOLs hahaha. Thats why its better to have it as an active rather than a passive with a fair amount of cooldown. Knickers is i think a term for mens undies so i just thought of it having a little setback on female towers as a little twist which is in congruent to its name. hahaha. 2% attck speed per tower level i think is fair enough as it is compared to impatience and mummy bandages. Making it rare instead of uncommon is I think fair enough. The effect is really not that complicated. Its just long because I have to explain the mechanics and how it works. But I like you suggestion on its set effect except of course the 5% trigger chance. XD

Let me know what you think icen. I modified it slightly for legendary tier, but I hope the spirit is still the same of the original suggestion :-) https://mazebert.com/2015/06/24/spectral-set/

How to get spectral dagger? And other black market cards and potion, i dont have idea to get those item please help me. Thanks

The black market will open every Friday evening (actually tonight!). It is worth to check the black market thread in the forum. Usually one player will take the risk and share what's this weekend's offer.

Wow this is how we got spectral set now