Candle [uncommon light tower idea]

Name: Candle Range: 1 Damage: ? Ability: It attracts flying critters! Any flying monster that enters its range will first go to the candle before continuing its path. (Monsters in range of other candles are immune) Ability2: Candle does not hit enemies, but instead continuosly burns everything in range. (It deals DoT and can not trigger on hit items)

Sweet, very interesting ability!

I love this one! But maybe the ability fits more to a uncommon tower?

Thumps up! Very nice ability! With the candle you would be able to plan comletly new building strategies, because your main build area wouldn't depentend on the flying route anymore.

I've now added this as a rare tower: https://mazebert.com/forum/news/candle--id1189/ @t4c1 what do you think about the increased range?