2.1 tower buffs

I'm currently rebalancing the game for the 2.1 version, that will go live when the Dawn of Light season ends. There are a few towers that I plan to buff that I wanted to share with you :-)


Guards seem a bit weak at the moment compared to other tower mechanics. The investment is pretty high, because you need to place guards instead of other valuable support towers. Simple Guard and Templar will gain 6 instead of 4 base damage per other guard in range. King Arthur will gain 12 instead of 6 base damage per other guard in range.

Mid game towers

Electric Chair and Scarecrow aren't used a lot in the current meta. They will receive a stats increase every 7 instead of 14 levels, which should make them a lot more viable for early/mid game. Dark Lucifer gains a second attack, to set him apart from Electric Chair.

Endgame towers

Due to the shorter bonus round The Ripper took a penalty as long-term endgame carrier. In order to make him a more valuable critter his killing spree will be buffed. Killing Spree speed bonus will be increased from 100% to 160%, the speed bonus per level from 2% to 3%. Shadow is another tower that I'd love to see played more again. His maximum adaption will be increased from 700% to 1300%, so that he better competes against Metropolis/Stonecutter's builds. Phoenix will gain 21 instead of 14 base damage per rebirth. Also, rebirth costs are initially 500 gold instead of 1000 gold, but will cost +500 extra gold for every rebirth triggered.



The problem of chair-sama and ripper is the short range. Even well placed they can just cover 7 squares and hades does not help much. While a range 3 tower can get I think 20 and range 4 30 square coverage on blood moor. That’s a potential factor of 3 or 4 in dmg output against the endboss. With the old withered set they had a great possibility for dmg extension. I think in theory chair was the most superior tower if not for real good scaling in dark elements with abyss and ripper. Trident tripled his dmg and reaver added 2.25 times the base dmg to all creeps ( Hit and not hit by lightning) Together with stonecutter this was a lot of boost. Basically this 9 time multiplier is now gone because there are not enough creeps to attack plus no possibility for dmg extension just means he is never fit for current end game.( but that may be by design). My biggest problem is that chair can theoretically can kill passed bosses. But he needs other creeps in range and they die quite fast from the chain hits leaving him eager for supply if not placed directly in range of the starting field. Lucifer will not be able to use trident with this change I presume? The buff to shadow and scarecrow nearly double both their strength which means they are more or less on par with solara I think. Giving dark a good combo of solara / scarecrow to alternate depending on situation. Shadow only works for long time investment and his biggest plus would be the range then. But that may be viable. For light i think Phoenix is nudged in the right direction but time will tell how balanced it is. The guard modification just adds a lot of early / early-mid game strength but which I think they were quite good at anyway except for creep groups if they did not have enough speed. The biggest problem I have with a guard setup is the kill stealing of non-main towers

Andy said he was going to implement xp sharing. At least it was planned for post-DOL, last I heard

Yes, Fuzzy is right, XP sharing is coming along with these tower buffs!

My take on the buffs: Guard did not need the buff, but he is still fine. Templar and Phoenix got exactely what they needed, even if both could use even larger buffs. Arthur is still to reliant on excalibur. This change might make him useful for midgame though. Chair, Scarecrow and Shadow: Nice! Lucifer is still very weak in my opinion. Chair can hit approximately same number of creeps. If you want a darkness tower Solara probably does ~6 times as much damage. Both of those towers are uncommon and Lucifer is unique ... Ripper I was never a fan of. I do not think this buff will change that. Şome other towers I think could use some small buffs: Adventurer, Huli, Kiwi.

Whoah...chair has always been my favourite early to mid game (until bonus round). It was sometimes hard getting to level 14 to start using him. Level 7 with 3 targets!? OP. 15 targets at lvl 98? Combined with a reaver stacking and with unlimited range and guaranteed hitting ghost mobs... pew pew, die 5 mob waves simultaneously. ❤ chair Also, WOW! Shadow was uber nerfed and now rebuffed, somewhat. Still badass at 700%. I always thought reaper needed a buff since light years ago. On paper, he always looked to have more potential than a maxed out shadow but I never could achieve it, even after perfect games. Anyways. Cool stuff.

Andy, I've been looking at using scarecrow and electric chair in the early game. I know that isn't their strong point, but they are really bad early game, significantly worse than most common towers. My thought is that instead of giving them 2 + 1 per 7 levels, maybe it could be 3 + 1 per 9 levels or 4 + 1 per 11 levels. That will give them a bit more viability early game and a bit less power late game. I think at 16 targets, they'll already be plenty powerful at level 99. Dropping that down to a bit seems reasonable.

Good call, @FuzzyEuk! I'm planning to release a beta version soon, to be able to test all that stuff. Also I'd love to try some 3 or 4 players multiplayer with you guys :-)