I've finished the Gargoyle today! It's the seconds common light tower you've voted for. I've put both jhoijhoi and shimakura as authors, as shimakura's Force Apprentice was the same idea but different lore. Here's the artwork!

Card and in game

And here's how the card looks. I think you can decorate a beautiful garden with those gargoyles! The numbers are not final yet. That being said, I'm currently working on a mechanism to prevent abilities like stun, warp and the new knockback to not become totally inbalanced in the endgame.

While gargoyle would be more reliable than twisted novice wizard and synergize better with slow effects, there's still a chance it won't be much more broken then current towers during the bonus round.

I play this game for so long other tower has no use in game better to upgrade them.. and better quest for more gold thanks

So keen for the Gargoyle and Adventurer and the Light Deck in general! Awesome work, Andy :)

Thanks jhoijhoi!


Awesome, just thought I'd pop back after 6 months of not playing, looks like there have been a few new additions. ;)

Awesome that I am somewhat part of the gargoyle skills more power!