Idun is one of the four norse gods of the upcoming Rag nar Rog season. Idun is the goddess of eternal youth. Her healing is so strong that creeps are revived when they die in her range. On the other hand, the higher your health is, the stronger your nature towers will be able to grow.

super duper nice card

Best support in game πŸ’ͺ✌️

i hope new map add πŸ˜‚

I love this card. Good job Andy!

cant wait to rnr πŸ˜‚

If your Health is low, will the max level be reduced?

Yes 😬

How it works with already "beaconed" towers? Additive, multiplicative or what? And raising max lvl affects only on items with "+X% per lvl", but not tower base damage?

Towers gain XP even after reaching max level. Max level just changes this cap. So if beaconed tower is replaced the actual XP donβ€˜t change. Max level adjusts everything including base damage.

i hope the quest playing with friend will be remove haha no one play in lobby i keep waiting no one enter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@adioz, you can ask in the discord for fellow players. Or maybe, you can convince one of your friends to play with you? ;-)

Can we get a endless mode or up to 1,000 waves 😁

There already is use azathoth.

cant wait lol


How does luck work with the revive?

It will be like revieve wave

I mean does luck work for revive chance?

No it doesn't. I asked the same question on Discord because it seemed like it could affect the revive chance. Stormchaser's point is that Idun makes the creeps behave just like they're a revive wave. And normal revive isn't affected by luck.

So if current health is 100, max tower level is 50?

For nature towers within Idun's influence. I'd replace Idun if health is less than 200. In other words, you'd only want to use Idun if you've gotten Vital Card Dust or other health-giving effects, like skull of darkness.