Lot's of bosses

Bosses that usually haunt @TheMarine are sighted in lots of Mazebert games today! I'm still investigating what's going on. If you love fighting bosses, today seems to be the day. Until then, I'll be working on a fix, hopefully ready for tomorrow ;-) Currently the game crashes once you reach timelord, there's an incompatibility with bosses and his underlings. I've already written a fix, so please hang on to those games. With the next app update you'll be able to continue and submit them normally. Edit: Version 2.2.3 with a fix is available for Android and Windows.

Oh shit... well better have a break today. I am sure you‘ll have it fixed tomorrow.

@Kami the boss thingy was a planned April fools joke :-) The timelord crash wasn't part of that scheme :-D

i hope next update we can use the gold in late game coz gold is useless during long run ..

@adioz, you're right, except for very exotic strategies (Muli the Evil Twin or Blofeld Laser Satellite builds)

Ok I thought everything was just an Aprils fools joke and I didn’t think it really had ingame consequences 😅