Rise of Cthulhu

Rise of Cthulhu is feature complete! You can find the season teaser here. All card pages have been updated as well. I'm still playing tons of games and balancing everything to be ready for the season start on December, 11th. Around next week version 2.2 will be available for download. 2.2 will include all balancing adjustments to the existing content. The season content will unlock December, 11th! It was quite a ride and I'm super thrilled about Rise of Cthulhu. Thank you for your countless ideas and suggestions to improve the game. Special thanks to Ser Takatschun for the season idea and for drawing Cthulhu! I look forward to seeing all of you at the season start. If you would like to support the future development of Mazebert TD - starting now season supporter packs are available for purchase. Thank you so much for playing Mazebert TD and for your support!

Some of the supporter packs are talking about dawn of light bonuses (the forum flair at least maybe more)

Ah, dang! Thanks Kami, I've fixed the descriptions.

@Andy yo got my supporter flair... Thanks a lot man... Can't wait to play new season

Good game . Played since 2013

Thanks guys, you're amazing!

when will we get that hero card in game??

@CBS together with the new version :-) the current one does not know about it yet. Will release it around next week!

Oh! OOOOOOH!!! Azathoth - does it mean what I think? =)

@Nyevell: Yes :-)