Scepter of Time after DoL

Here's the current Scepter of Time situation (thanks @Diamuid Ua Dhiboune for bringing this up):
  • You gain one copy if you invest the skill point
  • You gain another copy (if you are in single player) once hitting bonus round
Right now MP games have the advantage that they can start with 2 scepters. Once I allow MP games with more than 2 players this will become even trickier, since you could end up with 3 or 4 scepters at the start of the game. Yesterday, I coded a new version of the scepter:
  • Equipping the scepter does nothing, but grants an active ability
  • Triggering the ability toggles the game speed: 1x (normal), 2x (currently 1 scepter), 3x (new), 4x (currently 2 scepters)
  • The effect is global: Every player with a scepter can trigger it and the changed speed is applied to the entire game
This way you gain higher speeds without item micro-management. And MP games have no longer an early game advantage. Here are some screenshots of the new Scepter of Time. Let me know what you think!

Such an elegant solution.

Looks good for me :) Thanks for showing us

Very nice I was wondering whether the 2 scepters were a bug or a feature :))) gj Andy as always.