Version 1.1 release notes

Update: Version 1.1 was submitted to Google Play! According to Google it can take up to 24 hours until the version is available everywhere. See you at the black market tomorrow!

Black Market

Hopefully you saved on some card relics already. For 300 relics the black market sells you every weekend one of its special legendary cards. You don't know what card it is, but the card is the same for all players on that weekend! Hint: weekend starts every Friday on 6pm and ends Sunday 11:59pm. Hint: You can check out the exclusive black market cards here (scroll down to the bottom). black-market-unavailableThe costs are increased..

New heroes

A hero for the brave... Kvothe is the first uncommon hero! He is in your starting hand of basic cards and requires player level 24. Need more gold to start with? You should talk to the Loan Shark, pretty sure he got an offer you can't refuse. Hero-9-cardHero-10-card

The Ripper has arrived

Another card from the Darkness towers challenge made it to the game. This guy with 1 range is for experienced players, but his abilities have the potential to make this a very, very strong build. I'm excited to see how you'll use this card. Tower-38-card

Balancing adjustments

The most important adjustment is the new loot function. It should reduce the item flood of the current version and make drops in the game much more rewarding. Most importantly it will increase the tension of the early/mid game. All my test runs with the new function were extremely positive! The following cards have been re-balanced:
  • Small Spider was buffed, grows stronger with increased level
  • Wolf was buffed, pack members gain experience when another wolf makes a kill
  • Muli the Monkey was buffed, his hangover now scales with IAS
  • Shadow Mane was buffed, got a small secondary bonus (Same for Innkeeper)
  • Novice Wizard was buffed, grows stronger with increased level

Maximum wizard level increased

The maximum level your wizard can reach was increased from 119 to 199. The current level cap was reached quite a while ago by Esk, Kemu and Sar. As it doesn't seem they're gonna stop collecting XP I decided it was time for a change here and increase that cap!

New hidden quests

A few new hidden quests have been added to the game. Will you find them?

Performance improvements

The performance was improved significantly. Tower and creep notifications are pooled for memory recycling and limited to a maximum of 200 notifications at once. In order to still see what's going on in lategame a method was implemented for an even distribution. The blood particle systems are pooled and recycled. The event system was completely rewritten to use high-performance signal processing with pooled events. And lots of other improvements in terms of memory allocations / garbage collection were done! To give you some numbers, before the optimization we had approximately 50000 allocations in 30 seconds of gameplay. Now it is 5000, and those remaining allocations are done by the rendering engine, not the game! My phone doesn't get hot anymore, even on 60 fps and the battery holds much longer.

Reduced app size

The app size was reduced in order to stay in the 50 MB limit of Google Play. So it is much less to download and all textures should load slightly faster. It was done by PNG quantization which changed the look of the game a bit more towards oldschool!


A lot of bugs have been fixed in this release. This wouldn't have been possible without all the amazing feedback you gave me during the past months. Thank you so much and keep it up!

Can you please post the list of bugs that have been fixed? Thanks

Hey t4c1, it have been a lot of bugtickets, so I didn't take the time to cut&paste them from my bugtracker. However, I was asked by the community to do more regular updates. This means the updates will have smaller release notes by default. Will remember do the next release notes including the bugfixes!