Version 2.4 (Halloween Edition)

I'm happy to announce that version 2.4 is ready to download for Android, iOS and Windows.

All changes

Great, especially about Abyss King

Been playing for a long time - always appreciate the longevity of attention to this game you have provided Andy.

Thank you so much Aeon!

Snore Fox with Cthulhu & Yggdrasil is insane https://mazebert.com/g/aeffc5f6-99b6-444d-b90b-c9243e2aa603-41364/

Can you show me replay? I always transmute foxy, because I think it's weaker than other builds I should test it

Would love to, but i do not know how to do

My wizard > my replays > share with friends

Thks I édited my post

Thank you Ghislou for great build, it's like rocket to second place on ladder with 3,67M seconds Iron Man with orb are awesome! https://mazebert.com/g/a90f0a81-f14d-4e21-8424-b76e62614dec-45203/

Nice, 784M gold is awesome. Chère do I click to watch the replay plz ?

I just tap on link and my android device open it in game app