How about...

A mechanic to lock up cards from getting transmuted by accident? In lategame, I hate it when I save up a certain amount of towers and transmute all other cards, but accidentally transmute one of the ones I wanna hold on. Also I would like to see all of my cards in a overview (so you dont need to swipe every stash to check your cards and values.


It isnt a lock up but its going in the right direction And i like the overview! :)

I forgot to mention, that I would like to see a rewind button, if you try new stuff and it won't work the way you think, you can return to last round and try a different way.

Dont like since it feels like cheating xD that way we could have „perfect“ games

Where would be the challenge in that?

No challenge just casual gaming then Tbh it isnt that hard anymore. You just need to know some things.

I understand this. But how about implementing this on easy mode then? I actually dont like it, when I'm on wave 350 and do something, that's completely kills the whole run, just because I wanted to try and test the impact.

Well that’s the kinda the way the game works.

Ye and tbh you could learn for the next run ^^