Minor Quality of Life Improvements

Hi Andy, just a few ideas. 1) I like the notification bubbles, they are very useful. It would be cool if they could also indicate, if the notification is for a new card or just another copy of a existing card. Let me explain this a bit. Let’s say you have one Hitman in your hand and one Rabbit in your map. 1.1 If a Dandelion drops, you will see a green bubble with 1 on it (current behavior). 1.2 If a Hitman drops, you will see a gray bubble with 1 on it, to indicate that you just got a copy of a existing card. 1.3 If a Rabbit drops, you will see a green bubble with a 1 on it, since you do not have any Rabbit card in your hand (Towers on the map do not count). So for the player it would be easy to figure out, if the new drop is worth checking the menu or not. Green = Something completely new, maybe the Tower / Item / Potion you have been waiting for. Gray = You already have a copy of that in your hand. Since you have not built it yet, you might want to ignore the copy as well. The tricky part is, when you would have mixed colors. E.g. when an Hitman and a Rabbit drop. I would suggest to show the number 2 in the bubble and color it in the most significant color, in this case green. 2) It would be nice to have a indication in the menu, whether the game is paused or not. There might be some space to show an icon above the cards, depending on the aspect ratio of the screen. 3) I’m lazy :) A link to the website and/or the forums in the game menu would be nice. What do you think?

4) Swiping right to left on a save game to delete it, would imho be more obvious than holding it. ... at least on iOS.

5) A search function for the forums would be nice. E.g. to figure out if there’s already a thread about the Luck mechanic.

Great suggestions Flo, thanks for sharing! 1) very cool idea. And yeah, I like your suggestion about using the most significant color! 2) I'm pretty sure a lot of players would love that. Will need to check though if that works for all resolutions. 3) Sure, that would maybe help some players discover the forum. 4) Would be a lot nicer, that's right! 5) Very much this. Probably after the Christmas release, I will look into integrating a small lucene search index.

I also like these ideas. About 1), I think for simplicity's sake, it might be better to either only have green if there is a new card, or (my preference) have a gray circle and a green circle to show how many new repeat cards and how many new new cards you've received. This would be a bit like how the circles are displayed when you look at the cards: right now blue is total number and green is additional cards you newly received.

@florieger I've added a forum search!

@florieger, I finally got some time to implement the improved drop notifications: https://mazebert.com/forum/news/better-drop-notifications--id1423/