Better drop notifications

Today I hacked together a QoL improvement suggested by @florieger last year. There are now two notification bubbles:
  • Grey shows drops of cards that dropped before
  • Colored shows drops of cards that did not drop before
The colored bubble shows the highest rarity of those cards. In the screenshot below there are four tower cards that did not drop before, at least one of them has a unique rarity. When examining the cards, you see those are Mr. Iron, Muli the Evil Twin, Scarface and Irish Pub. So hopefully it will be easier to figure out, if the new drop is worth checking the menu or not. Do you think this is a useful addition? Any thoughts / suggestions are very welcome :-)
Drop notifications 1
Drop notifications 2
Drop notifications 3

I think this is a good change. I also remember encouraging the discussion last year. After getting used to the current system, this system looks pretty busy. But I think we will get used to it and appreciate the additional information. For the last screenshot, I think it would look cleaner if the new towers only had a single colored bubble, like the unique towers. I think that will help differentiate the new cards..... Which are always going to be at the bottom anyway. Ok, so maybe that's not important. However, if you introduce sorting to the cards, then the additional visual cue of a single colored bubble could be useful.

Looks good!

Anything that reduces the number of times I need to check a menu is always welcome. Knowing the quality level immediately when the item drops keeps me from having to check every time. Thanks for adding this.

Looks good.

Give me some games and I’ll get a better grasp of if it is too much or an improvement, but from what I can see now I like it. It might be better to have the number of the left bubble and the Color if the right. Because it might be „cleaner“. But let’s roll with it. This might also be something that could be changed in the settings

Anything that reduces the amount of times I need to go check for items or towers is amazing. I really appreciate your never ending efforts to improve the quality of the game ❤️

Hi everyone, good game!!