Is there any updates or any major changes around? Feeling this game is just about the pots? Just managed to clear 300 waves and 300++ sec in bonus round. Im just below lvl 50 wiz when I did that. Any possibilities that we could get a new tire, That's better than yellow? A new set of items, pots and mabye a few more heroes per element? Spending 80% of the time just forcing my carries to drink my pots.

There are purple and orange tier cards. Orange need to be unlocked at the card forge. Potions are important in this game, but there are a few different ways to play. In December, the new season is due to be released: https://mazebert.com/rise-of-cthulhu/

Yeah, i know that there is a purple and orange tire. But I cant really find purple usefull, as a main carry or similar. Wish there was something more card specific items or pots. Making a carry able to do 500 lvls on hard or higher. Does anyone here even beat 500 lvls+ on the hardest diff?

Yes, but currently it is quite hard to do so. I can not do it consistently.