ni - Level 46

7 Supporter Level 7

Level: 46
Rank: 13931
Experience: 44423
Relics: 280
Last seen 8 months ago

Golden heroes (4/18)

1x Cookiemonster
1x Dagon
1x Innkeeper
1x Yig

Golden towers (2/61)

1x Training Hologram
1x Acolyte of Greed

Golden items (7/96)

1x Baby Sword
1x Frozen Water
1x Rotten Toadstool
1x Lucky Pants
1x War Axe
1x Wolfskin Cloak
1x Fistful of Steel

Golden potions (3/32)

1x Potion of Speed
1x Angelic Elixir
1x Essence of Luck