Thor, God of Thunder

Thor is one of the four norse gods of the upcoming Rag nar Rog season. Kudos to FuzzyEuk for the tower idea and for theorycrafting that super slow base cooldown of 60 seconds. When Thor is built, he calls Mjoelnir to his side, and doubles the stats of his hammer. The Hold Back ability allows you to keep his devastating attack for tough enemies. You can see it in action in the preview below.

If Hel gets to wear Helm-heim or Helm of Helheim, then does Thor get to own his hammer? "Hammer of Thor" could become "This is my hammer" or "It's mine!" or "My precious hammer." And "Mjoelnir's wrath" could become "Thor's wrath." - it would be cool if the card updated it's stats while he holds it. Maybe the title could change to "Thor's Mjoelnir" to clarify those aren't the normal stats. That would also answer my next question: Does double effects mean double for each effect on the item? 1. effect frequency 2. effect damage 3. chain number 4. execute health If so, then 1 and 2 would give Thor ~16% bonus damage. And 3 would apply that to 6 creeps (6 * 16% ≈ 100%). So this is double damage right now. And 4 would execute at 20% health is equivalent to 25% bonus damage. So overall, Mjölnir would give Thor +150% bonus damage (although, much of that is spread to other creeps). That's super cool, but I wonder if he needs an even higher cooldown at this point. If it's just double frequency, then the current system looks good. The I hope to see an alpha build to play with him. It looks like you've got him coded, right? ^_^ Here is the previous discussion about balancing Mjoelnir to consider when balancing Thor, since he gets double effects from it. https://mazebert.com/forum/news/mjoelnir-buff-in-dol--id1158/

Love the suggestion to change Mjoelnir's description as it gets equipped by Thor. ALL stats of Mjoelnir are doubled. To avoid confusion I've adjusted them on the card as Mjoelnir is equipped by Thor. I also changed the element to light, when equipped.

As for balancing Thor, I definitely need to play a few matches with him to see how it goes. Progress on RnR is pretty good at the moment, so there's quite a chance we get to have a closed beta.