Version 2.2.0

Version 2.2.0 is ready to download for Android, iOS and Windows. This version prepares you to play Rise of Cthulhu season games starting December, 11th.

General adjustments

Hope to see you all for the season start! Cheers Andy

Oh man.... I'm just downloading it. Can't wait to get back now that armor is nerfed. Damn I cant wait for season start.

@CBS Sama nice! Just a few more days, I'm excited too :-)

Well I'm happy on unicorn fix because waiting for them to kill him when she reached level 99 took for ever and I used the teleport glitch to kill it lol

Can you tell us the new armor formula?

@Kami it now caps at 50% damage reduction at 500 armor. Armor reduction is left unchanged.

Oh good that will make it easier and less dependent on knux. Is health growth changed? Maybe armor pen might need a little buff still but we could use the season to see how it is working.

Health is unchanged, except for multiplayer games. So this patch should make the overall experience a bit easier.

Thanks Andy! I'm climing back up