https://www.yara.com/ - Level 55

Level: 55
Rank: 7671
Experience: 93026
Relics: 0
Now playing

Golden heroes (2/13)

1x Prince Lycaon
1x Kvothe, the Arcane

Golden towers (5/54)

1x Twisted Novice Wizard
1x Solara, The Fire Elemental
1x Wolf
1x Bear Hunter
1x Snow Globe

Golden items (9/78)

1x Dark Gold Coins
1x Norl's Guardian
1x Dark Meat Mallet
1x Dried Cactus
1x Lucky Pants
1x Frozen Candle
1x Scepter of Time
1x Snow Globe
1x Roordahuizum

Golden potions (0/31)