RoC Season End

The RoC season ends in a few more days! (Sunday, Jun 27, 2021, 8:00 PM) Version 2.3 is published to all App Stores and available for download! You can read about all upcoming adjustments here. Those become active as soon as the season ends. Especially Beacon of Hope should beef up the Light element a fair bit! Thanks for everyone playing this season. I hope you had a blast with the Eldritch cards! And of course all progress you made in season will carry over to standard. In case you plan purchasing a RoC supporter pack, this is your last chance. They’ll return to the Mazebert vault after the Rise of Cthulhu season ends. Thank you so much for your support!

Andy, I like your implementation of Beacon of Hope and Leuchtfeuer. I was struggling to see how Kami's idea could be balanced and functional, but I think this does the trick. At least it looks like it will be balanced at first glance... Wait a second... did you consider the effect of the +5/10 level potions and unicorn tears? I'm thinking the +1 max level potions could be transmuted to get +5 level potions which gives 5 more +1 max level potions. Idea post: https://mazebert.com/forum/ideas/beacon-of-hope-united-we-stand--id1345/ New cards: https://mazebert.com/cards/potions/leuchtfeuer/ https://mazebert.com/cards/towers/beacon-of-hope/

Yes, those potions are on the radar :-) And atm Leuchtfeuer cannot be transmuted to card dusts. Let's see how that goes, but being transmutable would get out of control quickly :-D Also, glad you like it! I'm excited to see what new strategies this will bring up!

Ok. Untransmutable would fix it. Or they could be made yellow potions or something? Mead is white and these potions as yellow seems ok. So at the moment, unicorn tears synergize well with the new tower, but they're not completely broken.

Thank you for the feedback. I am glad you like it. Andy and I had a discussion about quite a few implementation details iirc. But I totally forgot what we discussed in detail. I just remember that we both had to get some concerns out of the way and I was also quite pleased with the end product. Thematically I would have liked it to be a sword or something, but from the ingame dynamics the potion is a better solution.

How to unlock golden cards for golden map?

Card relics are gained how? Haven't been on much, been working a lot

@Shwartzs by completing quests.

loved the season, cant wait for new cards and the next adventure!

How long before the next Great adventure 🤔🤔🤔

December, I heard. As for its content I dunno.

This is tough