Beerdrum - Level 36

4 Supporter Level 4

Level: 36
Rank: 18288
Experience: 22549
Relics: 10
Last seen 5 years ago

Golden heroes (1/18)

1x Shadow Mane

Golden towers (8/61)

1x Twisted Novice Wizard
1x Elvis Imitator
1x Poisonous Frog
1x Scarecrow
1x Acolyte of Greed
1x Money Bin
1x Scarface
1x The Ripper

Golden items (4/96)

1x Frozen Water
1x Ring of Greed
1x Dark Meat Mallet
1x GT1, the Little Robot

Golden potions (2/32)

1x Great Potion of Speed
1x Angelic Elixir