Standard Rag nar Rog

skyrik - Level 26

7 Supporter Level 7

Level: 26
Rank: 23135
Experience: 11182
Relics: 0
Last seen 9 months ago

Golden heroes (2/18)

1x Prince Lycaon
1x Baby Cthulhu

Golden towers (5/61)

1x Hitman
1x Pocket Thief
1x Herb Witch
1x Holgar the Horrible
1x Snow Globe

Golden items (6/96)

1x Wood Axe
1x Painting of Solea
1x Blot to Odin
1x Excalibur
1x Scepter of Time
1x Snow Globe

Golden potions (3/32)

1x Potion of Crit
1x Potion of Strength
1x Angelic Elixir