2.1 preview

In less than two weeks the Dawn of Light season will come to an end. The official date is now Friday, 06/19/2020 @ 6:00pm (UTC). The version is pretty much ready and will be submitted to all play stores in the next days. Update: The new version is submitted to both Google Play and Apple App Store. The Windows binary is ready to download as well. There is no rush downloading the new release. While you can already play with new features like the new card grid, all balancing related changes will only activate after the season merge.

Supporter packs

If you plan to buy a DoL themed supporter pack, this is the last chance to do so. They’ll return to the Mazebert vault after the Dawn of Light season ends. The next supporter packs will become available in December, just before the CoC season start. Whether you purchase a supporter pack or not, I’d like to thank you for playing, enjoying, and sharing Mazebert TD. I hope you enjoyed the Dawn of Light season, as well as all the new content that’s coming afterward!

Balancing adjustments

In the meantime, there are some significant changes coming with 2.1. All balancing related changes are listed at the official changelog. A big "thank you!" to the community for playing so many beta games with me and offering so many good and helpful suggestions.

Reworked card texts

Another big change is that Matt helped me to rework and simplify all card texts. Especially the item and potion texts are much simpler and consistent now. All the new card images are already uploaded, so feel free to take a look! Hope to see you after the season merge! There'll be a fresh bonus round ladder to climb :-)

That’s a nerf for money bin isn’t it? Aura range was 3 before now it’s 2, because attack range is 2.

Ugh, good call. An unintentional one, while simplifying the aura towers, by making attack range equal to aura range. Gonna bump Money Bin attack range to 3.

I think the rest stays the same but I am not sure. But I think this is nice, because hades gets more versatile. Knux is intentionally omitted from this change?

Yes it is. I've touched so much stuff in this release, especially on multiplayer, I was afraid of touching Knux as well. I was following your discussions with Fuzzy with great interest though :-) Very likely to see her adjusted a little for the next season.

Cant wait for the Release! ^^ Big Thanks to a great Dev and a awesome Community! :)

Yeah I understand I meant the effect range being bound to the attack range in this case.

Oh now I got it. No I've forgotten to include her in that change. Thanks for pointing it out. Will adjust her aura right now as well.

Just wanna say Andy... your game is a hidden gem. Its soo darn challenging it makes me salty but also makes me wanna retry instantly. Maybe there could be a surrender button? Idk. Ive only been played for 2-3 weeks but deffo not going anywhere! Keep up the amazing work!

Andy Any chance to have an auto next wave start button?

Lightbringer cannot be leaked to other towers. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

@Sydju thank you so much! In the next version there will be an option to submit games to the server early. When long pressing a replay that ran longer than 30mins, you can submit it instead of deleting it. This should help especially with multiplayer games that you want/can't continue. @raz that one is still on my list, but did not make it to 2.1.

Great job Andy!

Thanks guys! I did some last-minute changes to Knusperhexe, Electric Chair and Elvis Imitator and fixed a few minor things I encountered. Releases for all platforms are uploaded and on their way! Fingers crossed all is good and let's wish for a smooth season end!

Are those changes also in the change log? At least the electric chair doesn't look any different.

@FuzzyEuk, yeah, they are listed in the changelog, and also when you visit the card page.

Black widow range is also 2 and aura is range 3, but is not in the change log. So is this as intended?

Heya Kami, in her case I didn't want to increase her attack range to 3 and also didn't want to reduce her aura to 2, that's why I didn't touch her :-)

Raz if you direct replace light Lucifer for another tower, I've had it keep light bringer equipped. Not sure if that's a flaw. Nevermind it's being fixed in change log.

Black widows perfect ;)

Nice to see Ygg getting more versatile. Although I think you limit your design space by connecting branches with card sets. This way you have to rework it again if you are going to add more sets.

There are 9 worlds in Norse mythology, so Andy has a lot of room for expansion. Even if he were to exceed 9 element sets of cards, I'm sure he could make up a world like "metroheim" that he could use as the name for the metropolis branch.