Standard Dawn of Light

wifeslayer - Level 71

Level: 71
Rank: 2684
Experience: 403762
Relics: 18
Last seen 35 minutes ago

Golden heroes (0/13)

Golden towers (14/54)

1x Beaver
1x Guard
1x Small Spider
1x Twisted Novice Wizard
1x Poisonous Frog
1x Training Hologram
1x Wolf
1x Candle
1x Holgar the Horrible
1x King Arthur
1x Phoenix
1x The Ripper
1x Mr. Iron
1x Snow Globe

Golden items (31/78)

1x Dark Ring of Greed
1x Frozen Water
1x Gold coins
1x Norl's Guardian
1x Rotten Toadstool
1x School Book
1x Stressful Wristwatch
1x Wooden Staff
1x Dried Cactus
1x Handbag
1x Heroic Cape
1x Heroic Mask
1x Longbow
1x Lucky Pants
1x Magic Mushroom
1x Norl's Steel
1x Wolfskin Cloak
1x Beheader
1x Dark Witch's Cauldron
1x Frozen Candle
1x Frozen Heart
1x Seven-leagues Boots
1x Unrelenting Force
1x Branch to Helheim
1x Dungeon Door
1x Helm of Hades
1x Scepter of Time
1x Snow Globe
1x Wedding Ring of Yang
1x Armor of a Fat Knight
1x Unlucky Pants

Golden potions (4/31)

1x Small Potion of Crit
1x Small Potion of Strength
1x Potion of Strength
1x Great Water of Life