Standard Rise of Cthulhu Rag nar Rog

Valk - Level 30

Level: 30
Rank: 611
Experience: 14699
Relics: 0
Last seen 2 days ago

Golden heroes (1/18)

1x Yig

Golden towers (3/61)

1x Shadow
1x Training Hologram
1x Rainbow Unicorn

Golden items (13/96)

1x Mass Enchantment
1x Pumpkin
1x Ring of Greed
1x Dark Meat Mallet
1x Lucky Pants
1x Norl's Steel
1x Wolfskin Cloak
1x Beheader
1x Dark Fistful of Steel
1x Frozen Candle
1x Viking Helmet
1x Eldritch Chainsaw
1x Eldritch Arms

Golden potions (1/32)

1x Small Potion of Crit