44418 - Level 46

Level: 46
Rank: 10741
Experience: 47224
Relics: 8
Last seen 9 hours ago

Golden heroes (0/13)

Golden towers (7/54)

1x Beaver
1x Scientist
1x Small Spider
1x Scarecrow
1x Templar
1x Tinker
1x Huli the Monkey

Golden items (10/78)

1x Wet Towel
1x Wooden Staff
1x Frozen Book
1x Meat Mallet
1x War Axe
1x Beheader
1x Dark Witch's Cauldron
1x Viking Helmet
1x Mummy Bandages
1x Wedding Ring of Yin

Golden potions (2/31)

1x Mead Bottle
1x Small Potion of Speed