Justinabubble - Level 91

7 Supporter Level 7

Level: 91
Rank: 928
Experience: 2574966
Relics: 4
Last seen 4 years ago

Golden heroes (6/18)

1x Prince Lycaon
1x Shadow Mane
1x Sir Littlefinger
1x Kvothe, the Arcane
1x Cookiemonster
1x Innkeeper

Golden towers (26/61)

1x Baby Rabbit
1x Dandelion
1x Hitman
1x Pocket Thief
1x Scientist
1x Small Spider
1x Twisted Novice Wizard
1x Electric Chair
1x Elvis Imitator
1x Gib, the Frozen Daemon
1x Herb Witch
1x Irish Pub
1x Scarecrow
1x Shadow
1x Acolyte of Greed
1x Bear Hunter
1x Holgar the Horrible
1x Huli the Monkey
1x Money Bin
1x Scarface
1x Abyss King
1x Balu the Bear
1x Black Widow
1x Ganesha
1x Stonecutter's Temple
1x Blood Demon

Golden items (33/96)

1x Dark Gold Coins
1x Dark Ring of Greed
1x Gold coins
1x Leather Boots
1x Norl's Guardian
1x Rotten Toadstool
1x School Book
1x Stressful Wristwatch
1x Wooden Staff
1x Dark Meat Mallet
1x Frozen Book
1x Last Train of the Day
1x Longbow
1x Lucky Pants
1x Meat Mallet
1x Norl's Steel
1x Wolfskin Cloak
1x Dark Fistful of Steel
1x Fistful of Steel
1x Frozen Candle
1x Herb Witch's Cauldron
1x Irish Pub's Barrel
1x Key of Wisdom
1x Seven-leagues Boots
1x Unrelenting Force
1x Viking Helmet
1x Mummy Bandages
1x Scepter of Time
1x Wedding Ring of Yin
1x Blood Demon's Blade
1x Hydra Arrow
1x Mjoelnir
1x The Dude

Golden potions (15/32)

1x Mead Bottle
1x Small Potion of Crit
1x Small Potion of Speed
1x Small Potion of Strength
1x Potion of Strength
1x Water of Life
1x Great Potion of Crit
1x Great Potion of Speed
1x Great Potion of Strength
1x Great Water of Life
1x Essence of Wisdom
1x Lucky Dust
1x Nillos' Elixir of Cunning
1x Tears of the Gods
1x Angelic Elixir