Nox - Level 67

Level: 67
Rank: 3716
Experience: 265398
Relics: 8
Last seen 17 minutes ago

Golden heroes (3/13)

1x Shadow Mane
1x Sir Littlefinger
1x Kvothe, the Arcane

Golden towers (15/54)

1x Baby Rabbit
1x Miss Jilly
1x Pocket Thief
1x Twisted Novice Wizard
1x Electric Chair
1x Irish Pub
1x Scarecrow
1x Shadow
1x Templar
1x Acolyte of Greed
1x Huli the Monkey
1x Money Bin
1x The Ripper
1x Blofeld Laser Satellite
1x Knusperhexe

Golden items (17/78)

1x Dark Gold Coins
1x Frozen Water
1x Gold coins
1x Leather Boots
1x Norl's Guardian
1x Ring of Greed
1x Rotten Toadstool
1x Stressful Wristwatch
1x Wet Towel
1x Dark Meat Mallet
1x Magic Mushroom
1x Monster Teeth
1x Painting of Solea
1x Dark Fistful of Steel
1x Fistful of Steel
1x Scepter of Time
1x Roordahuizum

Golden potions (8/31)

1x Mead Bottle
1x Potion of Crit
1x Potion of Speed
1x Water of Life
1x Great Potion of Speed
1x Great Water of Life
1x Nillos' Elixir of Cunning
1x Tears of the Gods