Standard Dawn of Light Rise of Cthulhu

ZORRO - Level 79

Level: 79
Rank: 1555
Experience: 808515
Relics: 176
Last seen 3 days ago

Golden heroes (2/14)

1x Prince Lycaon
1x Shadow Mane

Golden towers (3/54)

1x Dandelion
1x Hitman
1x Scarecrow

Golden items (11/76)

1x Gold coins
1x Leather Boots
1x Unrelenting Force
1x Scepter of Time
1x Wedding Ring of Yin
1x Hydra Arrow
1x Mjoelnir
1x Roordahuizum
1x Spectral Daggers
1x The Dude
1x Trident of Poseidon

Golden potions (1/30)

1x Small Potion of Strength